Saturday, May 29, 2010

The cat's out of the bag.

So I didn't intend on telling sister or our parents that I am not using birth control anymore, but sister is home for the long weekend and I was at my parents' house for dinner last night and holy hell am I ever terrible at keeping secrets. Sister is angry at me because she wants me to be unpregnant to come visit her in France. According to her, it is impossible to have a good time in Europe unless you are drinking wine.

My family also fails to understand the difference between us forgoing birth control and actually, you know, trying. With the having sex all the time and on the appropriate days and all that business. So they gave me a hard time about that. And about the hypothetical baby names husband and I have agreed on and hey, I guess this is why I didn't plan on telling anyone until I had good news(!!) to share. Too late now.

In other news, husband and I ventured back to my dear gynecologist to discuss "family planning," as the nurse so politely put it. After which she remarked how young we are. God, I get tired of hearing that. Doctor assured us that getting pregnant should be quick and easy and we talked about all the thing I already know, like how sushi is verboten, so yesterday I most definitely ate sushi for lunch. I probably will continue to do so on a regular basis until there is a possibility of pregnancy because sushi, you will be greatly missed. Now I just need to get me some prenatal vitamins.


  1. Wow, that is awesome that your hubby will go to a "family planning" visit with you. I hope my husband will be as excited as that when he finally decides he's ready to start trying. Oh, and my Dad's side of the family is totally the same way--no concept of off birth control vs. trying.

  2. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be there with me, but husband has some, um, strong opinions on doctors and whether or not they are full of shit, so I wanted to make sure he heard all the doctory advice straight from the source so he could argue with her instead of me. It actually went exceptionally well.



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