Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All systems go!

I really ought to be sleeping right now, as I have to be at work at six am, which because I am incredibly vain means being awake pre-four a.m. in order to shave my legs and dry my hair and slather on copius amounts of makeup so that I can look really nice for all the other early morning metro riders. Yet here I am, tapping away on my iPhone, beaming in the darkness.

I cannot sleep because I am pretty much thrilled out of my pants. After buying husband a post-difficult job interview ice cream cone we stopped at Albertson's for such staples as cat food and Coke Zero, and husband tells me, as we walk past the dairy cooler, that he had been thinking about babies. On his own! Without any obnoxious whiny wife-prodding! Say what? And then husband informed me that he feels like he will be ready for this procreating business just as soon as his job situation settles down (i.e. he finds a job he likes better than his current), and maybe we should move up this "trying" business to August. August!

I'm thinking that this may in fact be the most romantic thing he's ever said to me. Seriously, I wanted to jump him right there next to the cans of Friskies. And this is not just sexy in the oh, well we'll probably need to do that pesky intercourse thing to actually concieve said babies kind of way, but in a deeply lustful, I just had my IUD removed and there's no way I've built up a pregnancy supporting uterine lining yet, but please take me here and now oh baby, oh baby kind of way.

Alas, husband already made plans to discuss potential job opening with a friend (yes in the middle of the night, why not?) and therefor left me alone in bed where I should probably be sleeping. Really, though, I can't. Babies babies babies babies babies! My cheeks hurt from smiling. Babies! Soon! I feel like I am a completely different person than I was last month.

Maybe I will still be awake when husband gets home...

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