Saturday, May 15, 2010

All I really want is a syrphid fly.

Oh, and that pesky reproduction thing.

So I realized just now as I started to write that blogging about insect catching could possibly be even more boring than blogging about wanting babies. However, that will not stop me in either of those pursuits. At least not for now.

The weather has blossomed into magical summertime in Seattle lately, and if you haven't been to Seattle when it is perfect, let me explain what I mean by perfect. The sky is legit blue. If there are clouds around they are big and happy and puffy and look like a really excellent place to take a nap. It isn't too hot. It's never too hot. Maybe one day a year, on average, but really, it is perfect skirt and a tank top, leave your jacket at home, but don't worry too much about turning into a sticky sweaty mess weather. There is usually a slight breeze. Everything is green and happy and alive. Because there are trees everywhere. Because this is Seattle. And we like trees.

But anyway. Perfection.

Yesterday I got home from work at nearly 9 am, after working a horrible ten and a half hours overnight, my third overnight shift in a row. (P.S. I am not cut out for graveyards.) My store is in the middle of a six month or so remodel of doom, and we moved in to "phase two" this past week, which meant basically moving everything that ever existed somewhere else. Fun. (Really!) But also completely exhausting. So I blasted old-school Backstreet Boys all the way home so that I wouldn't pass out in the middle of traffic. And as I said, I returned home, ready to die, at eight-something-or-other to husband just waking up, claiming that he felt sick and emailing his boss to explain his absence. And then husband went back to bed with me, bless his wimpy little heart.

When we woke five hours later it was perfect out, so I showered and threw on a skirt and we picked up lunch to eat at the beach. Amazing.

Today has been slightly less amazing, though. The weather is still perfect, of course, but I had to return again to work, and my brain is still not completely functional from the earlier part of this week. Most of my day involved lifting heavy boxes and moving them from one place to another, sweating and grunting in front of hot construction worker. My job is very glamorous, I tell you. But luckily for me I work my stupid butt off this week so I had to leave after half the day to avoid overtime. Bought dresses for sister's graduation and for BFF's wedding. And lots of things with floral print, because flowers are my one true love right now.

My lovely little kitten (or at least he was a kitten two and a half years ago) greeted me outside and I sat in the backyard with him. And then... a syrphid fly! Can I just tell you how much I love syrphid flies? Love! They may be my favorite insects ever. They tend to be bee and wasp mimics, meaning they look like bees and wasps, or more accurately, like cartoon drawings of bees and wasps.

But really they are not bees, they are flies. And as such they have no stingers. They do all the lovely things bees do like have stripes and buzz around the garden and pollinate flowers without any of the "bad" bee characteristics, like stinging babies and living in giant colonies in your barn. And they hover. They are amazing and magical little helicopters.

Also what makes syrphid flies more awesome than practically anything else is that they have a "spurious vein" in their wings, which is one way to identify them. It's just a fake non vein little crease thing, which is not very exciting, but it's called a spurious vein! Amazing!

I wish I had a spurious anything. But alas, I am not as cool as a syrphid fly. I try to catch the syrphid fly, because it is amazing, and because I don't have one in my new collection because I just started it in a month. But, as I mentioned before, syrphid flies are amazing and therefor faster and smarter than me, which means there is no hope for me catching one without a malaise trap or at least a net. Not a complete waste, though, because I am strange and find great pleasure in chasing insects around my yard with my cats.

The afternoon has taken a turn for the worse, though, as I am image searching bugs on Google and eating a giant bag of Rolos.

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