Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nine Months!

Dear Tycho,

As of yesterday you are nine months old. Nine months on the outside. So, give or take a few days (I haven't done the math), you have been on the outside for as long as you were on the inside.

You just get more and more awesome, it's hard to believe. All of the sudden you are on the go. Just a few weeks ago you started rolling over on the regular, and now you're crawling and pulling yourself up. In general, you are in motion. Daddy and I really need to get on this baby-proofing business before you can outrun us.

Little man, you are so charming. Even though this is supposed to be the prime age for seperation anxiety, you just love everyone you meet. Our cousin Alastair said that you are his favorite baby. (Don't tell his god-daughter!) When we took you in for your check-up all the nurses and receptionists swooned. They always do. You light up when you catch sight of your Grandma and Opa. And they do the same when they see you! You are so much fun these days, I think this is my favorite age so far.

I love you to pieces!

Love, Mama

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