Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Food Follow Up

So perhaps I should post how the whole food thing went, yeah? I made some a couple more things: apples, bananas, and spinach; avocado with garlic; and greek yogurt with pear and lime.

Making food was SO SUPER RIDICULOUS EASY. I briefly googled for recipes, but everything seemed bland and boring, so I just went to the store and hung out in the produce section and picked up whatever looked good. Seriously. And then when I got home I layed it all out on the counter and pushed together things that might make sense together. Probably not the smartest way to do things, but there you go.

Most things went the same route: peel, cube, steam, puree. Banana and avocado went straight into the food processor without any cooking. And I just chopped the spinach and tossed it in, but you could steam it, too, I suppose. Peas and corn were both frozen, and I just grabbed a handful, thawed under the faucet for a minute, and tossed those in at all. Pretty much not rocket science. I tasted the food at each step and then added whatever seasonings seemed like they made sense. Blah. Sorry that is not more specific, but that is what I did.

I bought on of these guys to freeze the food in. It seemed like a kind of ridiculous thing to buy a freezing tray specifically for baby food, but I did it, and I'm glad. I suppose I could have used a regular ice cube tray, but I can't even get ice out of one of those trays to save my life. In the end, it was a good purchase; the frozen food slides right out, no problem, and then I put it in plastic bags in the freezer. I pull out one or two cubes at a time, microwave for like 20 seconds, stir and go.

Tycho likes them. He doesn't LOVE them, but he likes them. He seems to prefer eating directly off my plate, but sometimes my food isn't super baby friendly. I try to give him one cube of my homemade baby food and then supplement with whatever we are eating, especially meat, so he gets his iron.

That's pretty much it.

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