Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It seems like these days all the cool kids are going by mama. Not mommy. Before getting pregnant I hadn't really thought about what I would be called, but then we baby boy was cooking I got to thinking that mama was definitely preferable to mommy. I don't know why. Bandwagoning, perhaps. Mama. I like it. But I didn't think mama was in the cards for me. Kyle already referred to me as the kitties' "mommy" long before Tycho was even a twinkle in my eye* so mommy I was going to be, I guess.

But maybe not. Without even thinking about it, I've ended up referring to myself as mama. It seems so much more sweet and babyish and that's what makes sense so that's what I say, and even Kyle has mostly followed suit.

Tycho doesn't really care though. Sometimes I feel like he's never going to call me anything. He never even makes an m sound unless he is mad and forgets to open his mouth while he is trying to yell at me. Soon, I hope. I can't wait.

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