Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Six Months

Dear Tycho,

You are six months old! Actually, six months and two days, because Mama is a little late with this letter. Anyway, you are amazing. We took you for a checkup to get all weighed and measured and you're such a big boy now! You weigh 24 pounds and 11 ounces, and that puts you in the 99.94 percentile. I never imagined I would have such a big baby, but I wouldn't want it any other way. You are almost 28 inches tall. You've grown so much since our last visit.

Growth "curve" - more like a line, I think.
You have one tooth, and I think another one is on the way. You've figured out how to use it already, working on the apple slices we give you. Speaking of food, you had your first taste of avocado this week. Fun, but messy.

You totally love food. You will try anything, and there hasn't been anything so far that you haven't liked. Sometimes it's a little hard feeding you, since you want to participate in everything, but I don't think you're quite old enough to hold your own spoon just yet.

You're still not really rolling or scooting, but you sometimes lurch forward from sitting, so I don't think crawling is too far off.In any case, you're so big that you look like you could just get up and walk if you wanted to. Even to me.

You are very much YOU, now. You have a definite personality and you are sweet and funny and often demanding. You are very good for Grandma and daycare while I'm at work, but you are so happy to see me when I get home. You love to play with Daddy, and your laughter fills the entire house. You are always wiggling your legs, so it's pretty impressive that they are still so impossibly chubby.

There has been more packed into the short time since you've been born than in any other six month period that I can remember. You are such an awesome little person. I love you!

Love, Mama.

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