Saturday, January 21, 2012


As we close in on six months, we are giving Tycho more and more solid foods.

He's been showing signs of readiness since before four months, and I can't eat with him on my lap anymore, without him diving into my plate. We've been trying to hold off until that six month mark, but we've been letting him have tastes of what we're eating since he's clearly so interested. Tycho has not met a food that he doesn't like.

Trying some mashed potatoes on Christmas Eve

Mostly he's just been trying a bit of whatever off the tip of our fingers. He's tried mashed potatoes, peas, corn, black beans, tomato, orange juice, even Indian food! This past week we've started giving him more substantial stuff, including his very own piece of steak! Which he liked very much.

Shortly I'm going to start making some purees, because while he loves going to town on a big piece of food,  ala baby led weaning, he's not actually ingesting terribly much of it, so we're going to do a little of both.

In closing, please enjoy this video of Tycho eating an apple:

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