Wednesday, January 5, 2011


13 Weeks
Dear Baby,

Hello! We are thirteen weeks along today! Almost finished up with the first trimester. Everything changed on Monday. Your Daddy and I got to see you for the first time! You are completely amazing.Your heartbeat is strong, and I've already watched the DVD we got from our ultrasound so many times so I could hear it again. You look perfect, and you're just as big as you should be. You have all of your arms and legs and you were waving them around like crazy. I'm glad you're already so feisty, even though I might regret saying that when you're exhausting me next year. I've been carrying your picture around with me everywhere because I'm just so excited and so in love.

You're also really starting to have an effect on my body. A couple weeks ago I started noticing that my pants were fitting tighter, but I wasn't really showing, at least not if I stood with any sort of reasonable posture. But today after I put my belt on, all of the sudden there you were! I was so happy and surprised that I said, "Hello, Baby!" out loud. I couldn't help myself.

This week we've also announced you to the world! Your grandparents and aunties and uncles have known about you almost since the beginning, but you were a secret from everyone else. It was fun for us to have a secret for a little while, but at this point I can't keep the news to myself any longer. Everyone is really excited to meet you, just like we are!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Lookin' good!! Are you starting to feel better yet?

  2. Not entirely. Every time that I think that I'm over it, the barfing comes back. Right now I'm dealing with an awful cold that seems to exacerbate my morning sickness, so I'm kind of a mess.



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