Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello, Second Trimester!

So I'm fourteen weeks today and diving in to my second trimester. Cowabunga! My body is definitely changing. Most people who see me are like what, no, you're still impossibly tiny!, which is silly since I was never impossibly tiny to begin with (pre-pregnancy I was probably a size six), but okay. I'm definitely bigger for me, even if OMG BELLY! for me is someone else's normal.

I am definitely going to need to do some shopping soon, for things that will tide me over for the next few months. I did buy one maternity shirt yesterday when I was visiting my old store which has a Maternity section, but I'm not loving the stuff we're selling right now, and the in-store selection is pretty dismal. I'm going to have to have an online shopping extravaganza, I guess. I'm not even especially attached to things having a maternity specific label or anything, but the silhouettes that are coming out for spring are really not going to be flattering on a pregnant body. If only I have been pregnant a year ago when everything was blouse-y and tunic-y. Oh well. I have also heard the advice to just size up in regular clothes, but I'm not sure if that will work for me. I already have problems with tops that fit me elsewhere being huge and gaping in the chest area since I'm so flat, so going up a size seems like a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen, since my boobs still haven't gotten any bigger than they ever were. Blah. At least I will be doing the big parts of my pregnancy in the spring and summer. Dresses dresses dresses, I am sure. I'm super glad I'm not all huge now. Being heavily pregnant and having to worry about coats and things sounds like a nightmare.

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  1. Congratulations on the second trimester! I'm hoping to wear a few dresses in early April right before I pop. It all depends on the spring weather here in DC. I've been lucky that my big white marshmallow coat still zips over my belly. Hopefully it'll last another couple months!

    Hey, you work at Gap! They have the cutest baby clothes! And how lucky for you that they have maternity clothes. If you get sick of your wardrobe, you can always pick up something discounted to give you a little pick me up midway through pregnancy.



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