Friday, August 20, 2010

Part Two: A New Plan

So, I came to terms with the whole I-want-to-be-a-mom thing. It was kind of difficult to do after spending my whole life so far not even considering it as a possibility. And possibly looking down on the women who did make that choice. (Sorry, I was wrong.)

I felt so good after I finally got on board with the idea. I could see myself being mom all day. And it seemed like a sensible plan, too, since daycare in our area costs approximately as much as I make, so why the heck would I pay someone my entire salary to take care of my kid when I could do it myself for free? I was worried that staying at home would be a selfish decision, but now it was the financially responsible thing, too!

Around the same time that I settled on my new, uh, life goal, I got a promotion at work, one that I had been vying for, for pretty much forever.  But whatever, I'll work until I have a baby and then I'll quit or come back part time or something if I need to get out of the house, no big deal. Husband is doing well at work, we have an actual budget for the first time, um, ever, and like, health insurance! We're moving into our own place soon, and the stage is set for everything I ever wanted (at least since last year) to work out for me. Huzzah!

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