Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I can't get pregnant...

...so I will just write more about work.

I wrote that I was excited about my job and making it into a career and whatever the other day. I am, it's true. I get to do some really cool things. And since we finished construction I've been given the go ahead to get more creative than previously, which is awesome. But lately work has been very trying.

My boss was recently promoted, so now he has his own store to run and he isn't my boss any more. Since I started with my company I have had three different bosses, and five (five!) different general managers. The regional whoever people that are supposed to be replacing him are apparently dragging their feet, because its been a month since they were supposed to start looking, and they don't even seem to be close to hiring anyone. And by the way, a month is forever in retail. So besides that the work that my boss would be doing has to be split amongst me, a couple coworkers, and our GM, two of us haven't had any training on our positions. And since our remodel our store is under the corporate microscope. So, um, stress.

Our general manager burst into tears in the back room today because she apparently feels terrible that me and coworker R get all the bullshit heaped on top of us. It was nice to at least hear that from her, because she is on our asses all the time to move faster and do things better and GET. MORE. DONE., even though I rarely take all my breaks. It's not possible to do any more than we are currently doing, but we are understaffed and under-led and under pressure.

I don't mind the hard work, or even over-working myself for short periods of time when something big or important is going on, but I've been running myself down for the past three or so weeks, and it doesn't really look like our work load is lightening up anytime in the near future. Or like, until mid-January. But what we're doing now is completely unsustainable, and I'm pretty sure all of us on the behind-the-scenes side of my store are venturing into nervous breakdown territory.

In other news, today is cycle day 33. I took a pregnancy test today just to confirm what I already knew... not pregnant. You know, with all that sex I haven't been having. I was doing a really good job temping up until work got all super crazy and my schedule went spastic and charting was impossible, so I don't even have a clue where I am in my cycle. I wouldn't be surprised if I delayed ovulation because of stress and sleep deprivation and what-have-you, but since we're now on the officially trying boat, I really want to, you know, do that. But I am here again, treading water until I can start with a new cycle.

I do have a much needed day off tomorrow. (I do feel a smidge guilty about it, though...) Husband and I are going to take a day trip to Mount Rainier and hike one of the trails and see the views and have a picnic. I've been trying to get him to visit The Mountain with me, oh, only for the last two years. Finally.

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