Saturday, October 11, 2014

No news is bad news...

So. I am still pregnant. No, I don't entirely believe it either. 41 weeks, 5 days, no signs of anything changing now or any time in the near future.

Yesterday was okay. We had a BPP ultrasound and he was the most boring perfect beautiful little thing ever. It was my first time having a late term ultrasound, as Tycho was born before his BPP appointment, and they are strange. Hard to see much of anything, really. But they did they 3D of his face and... he looks exactly like Tycho. And had an estimated weight 9lbs, 4oz, which the tech was afraid to tell me. But been there, done that, no big deal. Yesterday I had a lot of contractions but they never organized themselves into anything productive. But it was an okay day. I didn't feel like the world was ending or any crazy talk.

Today is a different story. Today was castor oil day. You'd think at this far along on my second pregnancy that there is no way castor oil wouldn't work. But I've had not one but two doses of the stuff today, and nothing. Nothing at all, nothing nothing nothing. And sitting around waiting for labor to start is a completely different thing than trying to kickstart it and epicly failing, so today I'm much less stoic about the whole situation. Third day of tears since my due date past, which is still a pretty great track record. But really, what the hell? There is no reason in the universe that this shouldn't have worked but it didn't, and normally I buy into that whole thing where my body knows what it's doing and to trust that things will happen when the time is right, but it's really hard to continue to believe that right now.

The original plan was for tomorrow to be artificial rupture of membranes day, but since my body has responded to nothing at all in the appropriate fashion, I think I'd like to put it off until Monday morning, so if I don't go into labor that my hospital transfer goes a little more smoothly... Another NST in the morning, so we'll see...

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