Saturday, June 30, 2012

Doctor, doctor.

I suppose I should update on our visit to the endocrinologist, huh? (Thank you, anonymous commenter, for reminding me.) But really, I got nothing. It's almost not worth mentioning at this point, but loose strings ought to be tied up, I suppose.

My stomach was in knots over it, and I was warned by other mamas how traumatic baby blood draws can be, and I was steeling myself to stand up to a doctor that is under-educated about breast feeding and blah blah blah, and... nothing! Seriously.

Doctor man gave Tycho a full physical to try and find any other symptom besides his unusual size that could point to any sort of problem or condition and, no. The only things slightly out of the ordinary about my kid are:

  • his eyes are slightly far apart,
  • the bridge of his nose is a tiny bit wide, and
  • the distance between his nose and his upper lip is a little long.

And that's it. So basically nothing at all. We didn't even do a blood draw, because there was nothing to test for. As I had been saying (mostly to keep myself calm), if there was something wrong with him, there would be something else wrong with him. And there isn't. At all.

His barely curving growth curve is still a little bit of a concern, I guess, and the endocrinologist suggested just watching it, and if it hasn't leveled off some by his birthday then we can go see a nutritionist if we're still worried. I'm not still worried, so it's kind of moot, anyway. I asked what a nutritionist would do and he said they would probably want us to keep a food journal for him to figure out exactly what he's eating, and exclusively pumping for a few days to see how much milk he is getting. I kind of tuned out at that point, to be perfectly honest, because a) no, and b) he won't drink the same amount from a bottle as he will straight from the source. And also, HELL THE FUCK, NO. Pumping. Right. No. 

Anyway, unless he's gained another ten pounds by the end of next month, the nutritionist is out. I don't know what they would be able to tell us anyway. He eats table foods, very little in the way of carbs, and breastmilk. I'm not going to stop nursing on demand and I'm not going to put him on some sort of crazy baby diet, so just, NO. No.

And I'm done worrying about it. Really and truly. He is fine. He is THRIVING. I'll save my worry for when there is something to worry about, thank you very much. Doctors. Whatever.

Thank you for your time. He is an adorable picture of my totally healthy baby, rolls and all:

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  1. Sounds like you got the, "we don't know what to tell you so we'll suggest totally disrupting your life for no reason, and if you don't do it, at least you can't sue us" treatment. Blah doctors.



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