Monday, June 25, 2012

So it goes

Omigosh blog. It's been a while. I swear I intend to update on the regular, but life and things. I've been pretty much working every single day since we got back from vacation though, including some overnight shifts (another one tonight!), so I've been busy and exhausted. But with Kyle still out of work, it's been wonderful that I've been approved to work so many hours these past couple of weeks. Overtime isn't usually allowed. I've got another six days of crazy to go, and then things should slow down a little next week, thank goodness.

Anyway, updates! Our trip was actually pretty wonderful! I was so not excited about traveling all the way across the country with my 30-pound, newly mobile baby, but he was good on the airplanes about 90% of the time, and I'm pretty sure that's better than you can ever expect. We bought him his own seat this time around, and yeah, best decision ever. Worth any amount of money. Will not travel with him in my lap ever again. Bleck.

In pre-trip planning, my MIL suggested a trip to Cedar Point. Kyle agreed without thinking about it and I was kind of upset, because why in the world would you take an infant to America's biggest roller coaster park? In the summer in Ohio? WHY? BUT Tycho did really well. He hung out with his grandparents while we rode some roller coasters and he went on his first carousel ride and thought it was the most awesome thing ever. Next time we go to the zoo I am doing a carousel detour, because oh, man, he was shrieking and laughing and and flailing his arms in delight and we were just on the boring stationary horse. He'll probably lose his mind if he gets one that goes up and down.

In true summertime, theme park form, Tycho got to try his first ICEE! (His face may suggest otherwise, but he LOVED it, and kept going back for more.)

The point of the trip, besides generic family-visiting, was to go to Kyle's cousin's wedding. I was a little nervous, because it was my first time attending a catholic ceremony, and the when to sit and stand and shake your neighbors hands business is stressful enough without trying to keep a baby from disrupting things. But Tycho nursed to sleep just as things began (add a catholic church to the list of places I've breastfed him), and I was able to lay him down in the pew for a nap. He woke up just as things were finishing up, in a delightful mood.

He also did great at the reception, even though it was a late night. He ate lots of generic wedding buffet food, and he loved dancing with me to any kind of music, and took a hour and a half long nap on his great aunt Nan so that I could get some socializing and dancing-with-my-husband in. And I dressed him up in a little vest so his was scene-stealingly adorable, but did you expect any less?

This trip was also the first time Tycho met his great grandparents, as they were out of town when we were visiting in October. And I was able to take the best picture ever taken: four generations of Boddy men. The first born son of the first born son of the first born son of the first born son. They all share the same middle name. I DIE.

And all wearing novelty shamrock ties as a joke on the groom!
My in laws borrowed a bunch of baby gear from one of Kyle's aunts, so we were well stocked with toys and a high chair and a kiddie pool and even a swing in the back yard, so that made everything so much easier for us.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting Kyle's best friend's week old son, Dominic, but I have no pictures from that even because I was too busy snuggling him and huffing new baby smell. I miss new baby smell. And new baby cuddles. Tycho doesn't cuddle so much anymore.

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  1. Glad you updated! Tycho is so stinkin cute!!



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