Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well, I went and took my 22 week picture and I was sure I made a lovely blog post about it, and then I come check here and oh. No. I didn't do that at all. Pregnancy brain, maybe? Well, here it is:

Now that I'm over being sick, things are awesome. My belly is quite literally bigger every day, and the most common reaction people have when they see me is OH MY GOD! Even if it's only been a couple days. I think that's a good sign. I'm definitely beyond looking like I might possibly just have a beer belly, and strangers (my customers) comment all the time, but so far only in a really nice complimentary or helpful way, and I haven't yet been the object of any undesired belly-rubs. Good good. I'm finally filling out my maternity clothing, and I'm feeling much more fashionable again. I am a little worried that nothing is going to fit in another month if everything is fitting now, especially if my belly keeps exploding at its current rate, but if so, oh well, we'll do more shopping.

I have quite a bit more on my mind that I'd like to get out here, but I'm still trying to compose my thoughts, but didn't want to leave forever between posts, so updates soon!

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