Friday, October 8, 2010


Maybe this is silly, but my cats make me want to have babies. I mean, clearly, I want to have babies anyway, but ...

This morning the bunny cat, who normally doesn't even like me that much was mewing and beeping and jumped up into bed and cuddled and nuzzled and generally loved me and it was amazing. And all I could think about was how much more amazing it will be when I have a baby in bed with me, cuddling and nuzzling and generally loving me.

Sometimes Kyle will baby-talk to the kitties, cradling them in his arms, and all I can do is picture him cradling a baby, and that image of big burly manly man holding a teeny tiny baby is just irresistible.

This has probably nothing to do with my cats in particular, and has more to do with my ability to relate anything and everything in my life back to babies. Every nap I take I imagine taking it with a baby asleep on my chest. I see everything through the eyes of my future toddler, from butterflies to bus rides. Work kills me. Merchandising baby clothing for a living means that every mannequin I dress I am creating outfits for my child.

I need a life. Or a baby.


  1. I hear you! We went to the zoo this past weekend--talk about parent-lust overload.

  2. I've been a bad reader lately and am just now catching up. Obviously, I'm no expert, but following you for the past few months makes me think you may not be ovulating--or you're at least ovulating really late. I used to not ovulate and my cycles were really long and irregular because of it. Stress and not having enough body fat from not eating enough or exercising too much are two possible culprits.

    Also, even if you can't temp, you can monitor your cervical fluid, which I think you're already doing. I wasn't temping during the month I conceived. I went by cervical fluid and luck.

    BTW, my cat makes me feel the same way. He's my baby for now. :-) Oh yes, and I've moved to blogspot. So in case you don't recognize me, this is preconceptionist

  3. I'm pretty sure I am ovulating, just a couple days late last cycle, and REALLY late the one before it. I think it's stress, as there has been no shortage of that, and I'm definitely not lacking in body fat. I've been tracking cervical fluid, too, but I'm one of those weirdos that has an alternative basic infertility pattern so I never have "dry days" so that adds another level of confusion. This month I'm sucking it up and setting an alarm for the same time every day to see if that will illuminate anything for me. So far this cycle my chart looks much more reasonable.



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