Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the road.

Husband and I are back at his parents' house in Cleveland now.  We're staying in the basement in a couple of twin beds pushed together. Kind of sad and unromantic, although I kind if enjoy having my very own blanket.  I brought my insect collecting equipment with me, so maybe I can acquire such exotic specimens as cicadas and fireflies.

Last night we went out with Husband's best friend C and his wife L to some carnival in a neighboring Cleveland suburb, and it was nice.  I love it when Husband gets to see C. He gets so happy and exciting just talking about reuniting, and his eyes get all glittery in anticipation.  It is amazing, really.  I'm actually really enjoying being here, as I haven't seen any of Husband's family and friends since we were here right after we got married, almost two years ago.  C and L are throwing a party with a bonfire for us on Friday night, and in the meantime I am enjoying the opportunity to relax and do nothing.

I think that's all for now, as I'm typing on Husband's tiny netbook, and he wants it back, and I hate mashing my fingers on this itty bitty keyboard anyway.  

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