Monday, September 29, 2014


Today is my due date.

I'm actually doing pretty okay. It's almost 10pm and I've made it this far with no tears, which is far greater than I expected.

It helps to have a plan, I think. I knew I needed to keep myself busy today. Fortunately it's Kyle's day off work, so we had a family date after Tycho got home from school. Just brunch and walking around the drizzly, deserted zoo (the best time to go!), but it was a happy thing.

It was for me, but also for Tycho. His world is about to change so much. He only has a few more days (hopefully only a few) to be our one and only. I had hoped to do more fun exciting Tycho things before the baby got here, but life has gotten in the way. The zoo isn't super special, but it was fun and he got to have Mama and Daddy all to himself.

I can't wait to meet my new baby, but I'm also going to miss flying solo with my first.

All photos by the amazing Ashley Vos  as usual.

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