Sunday, September 14, 2014


So plans seems to have a tendency to change.

As of last Tuesday, I guess, I am on maternity leave. I had planned to work up until the 20th, which will be a couple days before I hit 39 weeks, but I manage to misalign my pubic symphysis, and I'm mostly okay unless I'm doing a lot of walking. But retail, so a lot of walking is practically my job description. So, I'm at home on the couch. I feel... weird about it. On the one hand, it does feel very nice to actually be taking care of myself, and every time I do manage to overdo it, I'm like YEP, RIGHT DECISION.

But it's also anti-climactic. The last day I was at work I left halfway through my shift because I was in too much pain, so it just feels like there is a lack of closure and a bunch of dangling loose ends and such. Too late now, I guess.

So feelings, lots of different ones, but mostly I just feel relieved. And ready to get this show on the road.

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