Sunday, March 3, 2013


On Friday my mom and I took Tycho to the Pacific Science Center.

Taking him to museums is hard at this age. He doesn't do well with transitions, because obviously whatever activity he is doing right now is OMG THE BEST EVER I WANT TO STAY HERE FOREVER MAMA WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE ME AWAY??? And then there is a lot of crying and rolling around on the floor. Yep. We are those people.

HOWEVER. We took him into the butterfly house and it was the best time ever. He was just completely amazed and awestruck at it all and I was completely reveling in his experience of it. So amazing. He'd been once before, about a year ago, but this was completely different. And I have a million billion pictures of the experience, because he was just so darn cute with his oohing and aahing and delighted giggles and every single other person in the exhibit thought he was the best ever because he is the best ever.

Without further ado:

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