Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Also, Kyle and I stopped by Target on our way home from dinner the other night, and I decided to buy a Bella Band (well, the knock-off Target version, anyway), so in the case that all of the sudden my pants don't fit I am not stuck buying a whole new wardrobe in a foreign country. So of course, as soon as we get home I try that sucker on. Omigosh, I never want to button my pants ever again. Amazing. I will probably end up buying a few more, as I can already tell I'm going to end up living in the thing. Question to the more experienced: is it worth it to pay extra and get the name brand?

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  1. (Followed a link from MM)
    The Be Band is wonderful! I ended up with 3 and they bought me another month or so before I had to get maternity pants. I kind of wish I'd bought them sooner actually!
    Now that I'm in between sizes and none of my regular pants fit quite right, I'm busting these things out again. They even work pretty well as a boob tube to layer under the ridiculously low cut maternity tops that I never quite filled out during pregnancy.
    The Target brand worked great and I seriously doubt it's worth it to pay for the name brand. Though multiples are worth it for sure.



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