Sunday, May 4, 2014

EI, round two.

Oh poor neglected blog. I am here. I swear.

Big happenings in my life lately. Lots of things, but specifically Tycho's EI journey.

As I have mentioned before, when Tycho turned three this July, his early intervention care transfers over to the school district. Last Friday was his official eligibility playgroup evaluation. And I couldn't get out of work. Terrifying. But Kyle is a highly capable parent, too, and took him. It was the first big meeting I have missed, and now Kyle has officially been to more than me, but oh well. My mom anxiety was high but it was fine.

He qualifies! In 4/5 areas he is somewhere between age appropriate and moderately delayed, but not enough to qualify for services. Normally you need to be delayed in two areas to qualify, but he is SO behind in adaptive skills that that alone qualified him. Yay? I guess. We're glad he's in.

But it's not over yet, oh no. They can't make any of this straightforward or easy. We had assumed that if he was in he'd be into the preschool program, but apparently we have to wait until his first IEP meeting (omg!) and there we will discuss if he should be in preschool or get some other kind of (in home?) therapy. Please please please let him get into the preschool. So now I get to worry about that for a while. Great.

But he's getting help in some way, and that is good. Because he needs the help and we need help helping him.

this is the best day ever.

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