Thursday, September 12, 2013


 I really need to learn to manage my expectations.

I was so sure that Tycho was going to love school, and I still think he will, eventually, but he definitely didn't love his first day.

We got to school early to put together his ISFP (Individualized Family Services Plan, like a IEP for the birth to three crowd), and that was fine because there were six of us to pay attention to him and he had a car ineach hand and that was fine. But every single transition after that was a meltdown of epic proportions and he wouldn't help clean up and he wouldn't give up his toys and insisted that every single car in the classroom was MYYYYYYYYYYYYY and stole things from other kids and wouldn't sit still and was generally just as poorly behaved as possible and I know it will get better but it makes me want to never go back.

By the time we left he was so angry that I had to physically hold him down to get him strapped in the car and he screamed 15 minutes of the ride home until he passed out. He took a good long nap, but he has been pretty much screaming hysterically on and off since he woke up. I'm about at that point, too.

This is way too hard.

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  1. Hang in there, mama. It's so easy to blame yourself and get embarrassed over your child's behavior. Keep rolling with it! It is what it is just like you said.



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