Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And, June.

Hey, remember how I was like May sucks and I will post more in June? And how it's June 26th and I haven't posted yet this month? Yeah, that definitely went as planned.

In fairness, life has happened, you know. The first week and a half of the month my boss was out of town on vacation so I was the big cheese at work. Two weeks with overtime and all sorts of stupid work shenanigans (burgular alarm! overnights!), and then we spent the last week on vacation with Kyle's family. So. So I've been busy. However, vacation means that I have ten bazillion lovely pictures to share with you instead of actually having to write a post with content and shit, yay!

Kyle's parents rented a condo in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and we joined them and his brothers from our various residences across the country. Neither Kyle nor I were especially enthused about the location, but I was for sure looking forward to any kind of vacation, so I decided to go in open minded... and we had a blast!

For Father's day we took a gondola ride up to the top of Mt. Werner, for the most delicious ever brunch. I gorged myself on smoked salmon lox. And mimosas. And the chocolate fountain. Amazing start to the week. I last minute decided to pack my collecting stuff, so we went on a nature walk after brunch and I got to catch some cool bugs. I actually Amazon Prime overnighted myself a butterfly net because the insect wildlife was so awesome, and I wanted to be able to do some more intense collecting later in the week.

It's been awhile since I've been so overwhelmed with the majesty of nature. Pictures can't even come close to capturing the breathtaking. Tycho loved it, too, although for his part he mostly just spent the week happily throwing rocks into the Yampa River.

Other highlights included the botanical gardens, hiking the trail at Fish Creek Falls, natural hot springs, catching ALL THE BUGS, and of course rest and relaxation. It was great for Tycho to get some face time with his grandparents and uncles, great for Kyle and I to get to slow down and enjoy each other and our family.


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