Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crowning Glory

So, I had a terrible Mother's Day. I had to work and Kyle kind of opted out since he worked all day too,  and I thought that by having no expectations I would avoid being disappointed. But the damned Internet and social media and everyone else in the world publicly having an amazing day did me in. One fight with my husband later, we decided to reschedule Mother's Day for Tuesday when we could spend it together.

I swear I'm not high maintenance or anything.  We didn't do anything crazy. Just went out for lunch at our favorite local place and went to the park. Oh, and got Tycho's haircut for the first time.

Record scratch, I know. I've been fighting against everyone who has been telling me I should cut it for. I don't know, the past YEAR? Because its crazy and tangly and in his eyes and makes him look like a girl. (You know that last one wasn't a factor for me, eye roll.) I totally didn't mind the untangling, but it was always in his face, and he absolutely refuses to let me put it up, and if I do manage to wrestle it into a ponytail he will rip it out within seconds. So. Haircut. Before I changed my mind because MYYYY BAAAAABBBYYYYY!

It's awesome. Out of his face, finally, but not even close to short. Still tons of curl. He now looks even more like I did at his age. Love. 

And then we did this again. 

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