Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My baby seems to be not so much a baby these days. All of the sudden I see this big kid. Bam! What changed? His shoes.

We he was getting in to the pre-walking thing I bought a pair of outrageously priced See Kai Run adorable squooshy baby sandals. I love them. The kind that are good for early walkers because they are not too structured blah blah blah yuppie mama. But I didn't go crazy and I just bought the one pair and he wore them everywhere and they served us very well, his baby shoes.

But the other day when Ashley took him an Arlo shopping at Target he tossed one somewhere (don't worry, it was later recovered), and so she strapped him into some of Arlo's too big, not yet sneakers. And wow. What a difference a pair of shoes makes.

Hey, little man.

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