Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not such a baby anymore.

I know I just posted about this, but I'll say it again: I love toddlerhood. I do miss Tycho being a tiny squishy helpless newborn, and surely there was a lot that was easier about that stage. Food was simply breasts. No prepping snacks and toys for any trip outside the home. I didn't have to worry about discipline or child proofing or anything really. I will always look back on his babyhood fondly, and perhaps I will forget how hard I found it at the time. But it was hard for me. For both me and Kyle actually. The days felt very long and monotonous and even though he was beyond cute, there wasn't much in the way of positive reinforcement for anything we were doing.

Now can be hard, too. Tycho is boisterous and strong and is always getting in to trouble and on the verge of breaking something or eating something he shouldn't or diving headfirst off the couch. Tantrums happen now, and I still haven't mastered how to deal with them yet. Tycho requires snacks and he has opinions on them and his poop smells really bad now. BUT. But he is so awesome. He gives really great hugs. He gets better at walking everyday. He knows that balls are for throwing and he rolls toy cars along the floor. He is beginning to grasp the concept of gentle with the cats, and boy, does he LOVE the cats! He FINALLY is using baby signs after six months of seeing us do them. This time is so great.

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