Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gender Rolling

2012 really hasn't so far been kind to my family. In the first week of the new year we found out the investor was pulling out of the startup Kyle was working at, and so, poof! His job was gone. But my ever amazing husband managed to find another, better paying position after maybe a week of unemployment.

Then our car broke down, in the middle of the bridge and it probably needs a new engine, but that same day Kyle got laid off from new job after being there for maybe a month so now he is unemployed again and we only have a single vehicle, because like hell can we afford to fix it right now.

So all of the sudden we went from being a dual-income family, to Kyle being a stay-at-home Dad with no car. He takes the stroller on the bus, I am not even kidding. It is so bizarre; never ever what we imagined we would have. 

It's not the end of the world, but it's also not great. Or even good. I think Kyle might be even less cut out to be a stay-at-home parent than I am (hint: not at all). He's a great dad to Tycho, but it's really hard on him, and I think all he wants is to be back at work.

And I want that, too. Besides insurance premiums, my job doesn't really pay for very much; maybe rent on a good month, but certainly not any other expenses. We're able to stay afloat since we don't right now have to pay for childcare, and unemployment benefits, yadda yadda, but it we be just so nice to be back where we were a couple months ago. SIGH.

HOWEVER. We are going to Las Vegas tomorrow. With the baby, yes. No, it wasn't my idea. But we are convening with Kyle's parents and brothers and I had no say in the destination since the trip was a gift, but yay a vacation, I guess.

Very poorly written post, but it was this or nothing at all. So.


  1. Ek, that sucks! Sorry to hear about your woes--both BFing and unemployment. I can't imagine M being a stay at home dad. He'd go nuts.

  2. Kyle is definitely going a little nuts. Or a lot. It is hopefully a temporary situation.



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